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8100 LTS TestDrive : Why my UE fails during NILR Emergency call, when it can pass all GSM AGPS test ?

  • 8100 LTS TestDrive
  • 51.010  NILR ( Emergency Call, Conventional GPS).
  • 3GPP GSM SC test is a test case using conventional GPS to test emergency calls
  • If the mobile is configured to support AGPS MSB or MSA, the test case will fail. The test case checks the UE’s AGPS setting by parsing the classmark change message for the "MSPositionMethod" field.
  • So it is necessary to configure the mobile to "NOT support" AGPS but support conventional GPS to run this test.


Product : LTS,ULTS,Location Test Sys,Wireless,LTS,ULTS,Location Test Sys,Wireless