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Positioning Application: How do I transition from one User defined data (UDD) dataset to another?

  • PosApp (SimGEN)
  • The CUTOVER_ RAMP_PERIOD_i  is used to define the time when PosApp starts to transition the use of one data set to the next.
    • The cutover ramp is used to ensure a smoother transiton from one dataset to the next.
    • The transition time is not related to the period of time that the dataset is in use.
  • CUTOVER_ RAMP_PERIOD_i  (where 'i' can be an integer to set the period between 0 and 7200 seconds)
    • If '0' is used then this is equal to one simulation step equivalent to the iteration rate as set in menu [Options-->General Options].
    • If a value >7200 is used then a maximum of 7200 seconds will be effective.
    • An upper limit of 7200s (2 hours) is used as it corresponds to the standard period for a dataset before it is updated.
    • If the period is not specified in the first line then a default of 60 seconds is used for that dataset.
  • After the first line containing the CUTOVER_RAMP_PERIOD_i  the second line which is enclosed by **** at each end  contains the week number, GPS time and the SV number which the data set applies to.
    • The time is the number of seconds into the scenario run.
  • If UDD is selected then only SVID's contained within the datasets will be simulated.
  • For further details on the format of the UDD file please refer to the SimGEN user manual, DGP00686AAA.

Product : SimGEN,PosApp