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How can Spirent Studio Security help me test IPv6 based applications?


Almost all protocols supported under Protocol Fuzzing can run over either IPv4 or IPv6.

The user only has to define the target’s IPv6 address in Network Config:

System>Netconfig screen


Then when configuring the test, choose the .V6 addresses for the Source and Destination:



As a rule, if a protocol runs over a transport protocol that Spirent Studio Security supports (TCP, UDP, SCTP) then it supports IPv6.

Like any good rule, there are some exceptions:

  • Layer-2 protocols cannot run over IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Some routing protocols are IPv4-only (i.e., OSPFv2) so they don’t run over IPv6.
  • Likewise, some routing protocols are IPv6-only and they don’t run over IPv4 (i.e., OSPFv3).
  • There are a few protocols that are not used over IPv6, e.g., H.323. There is no device that can be tested over this legacy VoIP protocol. All H.323 deployments are moving to SIP (which does support IPv6) rather than adding IPv6 support to the old H.323 protocol.

Published Vulnerabilities, DoS, and Scenario Mutations modules all support IPv6. In fact, Scenarios can even convert an IPv4 packet capture into a live interaction over IPv6.


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