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How to set load and load unit to the Spirent TestCenter raw-Streamblock using TCL API?



Load and load unit can be added to a streamblock when the scheduling mode set to Rate based.
Make sure the Port Generator set to Rate based
 set hGenerator [stc::get $hPortTx -children-Generator]
 set hGeneratorConfig [stc::get $hGenerator -children-GeneratorConfig]
 stc::config $hGeneratorConfig \
                -DurationMode SECONDS \
                          -BurstSize 1 \
                -Duration 10 \
                          -LoadMode FIXED \
                          -FixedLoad 100 \
                -LoadUnit PERCENT_LINE_RATE \
                          -SchedulingMode RATE_BASED
# Create StreamBlock with load and load unit
 set hStreamBlock [stc::create streamBlock -under $hPortTx -FrameConfig "" \
           -InsertSig TRUE -FrameLengthMode FIXED -ShowAllHeaders TRUE  \
         - LoadUnit " PERCENT_LINE_RATE " - Load "10"]

Product : Spirent TestCenter,WiFi,L2-3,Automation,API