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Why my Spirent Testcenter script getting the following error:"Load (-86 Inter-frame-gap bytes) is less than acceptable minimum (12 bytes)"?


My Spirent Testcenter getting this error when create stream on 10G port, this is because script set the port to 1G, then create stream with 3G load.

stc::get port1 -ActivePhy
stc::delete ethernet10gigfiber1
stc::create EthernetFiber -under port1   #here script create a ethernetfiber phy under port1 which defaut to be 1G

stc::config streamblock1 -LoadUnit KILOBITS_PER_SECOND -Load 3000000    #here stream load is 3G

So if met similar error, check if script set the phy wrongly.


Product : Automation