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Spirent TestCenter: How do I locate or find and identify the TestCenter chassis, controller, card or module serial number?


If the chassis is reachable from your computer:

  1. Connect to the chassis using the GUI
  2. Go to Tools -> Equipment Information -> first to the Chassis and scroll to the right, then to the Test Module and scroll to the right

If the chassis is not reachable or the card or module does not appear in the GUI:

  1. You will need to read the serial number from the equipment.
  2. All Spirent TestCenter products use the format Part Number P/N - Serial Number S/N on the main label. For example of a card or module, P/N: EDM-1003B S/N: E12345678. See below for photos of the label you should look for (any other S/N labels are for sub-assemblies).

Card or Module Serial Number Example:

Chassis Serial Number Example:

Controller Serial Number Example:

Product : Hardware Module,Chassis