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GNSS Simulators: What is the minimum distance that should be maintained between the simulator radiated output via an antenna and the antenna of the receiver under test?

This article deals with receiver testing in a chamber when you want to radiate the signal from the RF output of the simulator to the antenna of a receiver under test.
The minimum distance should really meet the conditions for a far field region, this can be calculated using the equation.


D = is the largest dimension of the radiator (or the diameter of the antenna) The parameter D corresponds to the physical size of the antenna, or the diameter of a dish or dome type antenna, typically 50 mm square (Fig.1).

      = the wavelength of the radio wave.  

Typically if you were testing a GPS L1 signal you would use a wavelength value of 190mm.  If you were using an example 50mm square square patch antenna this would give you a minimum distance of:   



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