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Spirent TestCenter: What cards / modules are supported on TestCenter Controller 1?


This announcement provides notice that version 4.00 of the Spirent TestCenter application will not support CTL-9001A or CTL-2001A (often referred to as “controller 1”). 
Both CTL part numbers were discontinued in Q1, 2009.
Because the SPT-5U chassis only works with controller 1 it is also not supported in the 4.00 software release.
As for all releases, Spirent suggests you start the upgrade process for 4.00 by installing the release 4.00 GUI on your PC. The 4.0 GUI can connect to a chassis with controller 1, read information about the modules installed in the chassis, and provide information about the controller version. Testers can use the software to determine if the chassis has a controller 1 before they attempt to upgrade the chassis to 4.00.
If you attempt to upgrade a chassis with a controller 1 to Spirent TestCenter software version 4.00 you will receive an error message - “Files not Found. Spirent TestCenter versions 4.00 and higher may not be installed on CTL-9001A and CTL-2001A.” The firmware on the chassis will not be upgraded nor will the firmware on the test modules.
Test modules that have part numbers starting with CV, DX, MX, MXP, NX and FX are already not supported on controller 1. These test modules are not affected by this announcement. You must install them in a chassis with controller 2 because they require that version of the controller to boot properly.   
Part numbers that starting with EDM, CM, UPY, WAN, CPU, XFP, MSA, XEN, CPR, FBR and SFP worked with controller 1 prior to release 4.00. These test modules boot off an internal compact flash when installed in a chassis with controller 1 – otherwise they boot off the controller 2 like the modules described above. 
When installed in a chassis with controller 1 the modules in the paragraph above will boot off the Spirent TestCenter version installed on their internal flash. Because some of these test modules are still in production (EDM, CM, UPY, WAN, CPU, XFP-4002A, SFP) new orders may be shipped with Spirent TestCenter version 4.00 (or later) installed on the module’s compact flash. If such a module is installed in a chassis with a controller 1 the module will not be harmed but the system will be in an inconsistent state and results are not predictable. If a tester wants to install one of these test modules in a chassis with controller 1 please make sure the version of Spirent TestCenter on the test module’s compact flash is compatible with the software version installed on the controller 1 (which must be earlier than 4.00).
Advanced Lifecycle Phase: Obsolete
·        Engineering is no longer required to support the product on any hardware or software release. 
·        Spirent will no longer provide repair support.
·        Customer Service will direct customer to Sales for upgrade to suggested replacement product.


Product : Hardware Module,Chassis