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Spirent TestCenter: Why am I getting an "Compression could not be supported..." error?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • DX-10G-S32
    • DX2-40G-Q8
    • C1 NIC-27 10G
    • C1 NIC-33 4x1G
    • C1  NIC-43
    • DX2-100G-P4

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  • DX module was designed for high port count testing and with that came trade offs that were made in the hardware.
    • In particular, streamblocks can only have one source endpoint when total number of paths is greater than 64 on that port.
    • When previewing a streamblock it will show you the number of Paths used for that stream. (Example snap shot below)
    • If the Path count for the port exceeds 64 then the system will automatically give this validation error if these streamblocks have more than 1 source.
  • Error Message you will see is:
    • "Compression could not be supported for stream block <streamblock name> with more than 1 source network endpoint when port pair traffic mode is used."
  • A few ways to get around this issue.
    • 1. Reduce the number of Paths to 64 (delete streamblocks or reduce endpoints in those streamblocks).


2. Recreate the streamblock and select "One path per streamblock" (this will not generate error message however limit is still 64).


3. Don't create routes to routes but instead create from node to routes.
  • Attached document helps explain DX StreamBlock Path Compression


Attachment Description
DX-10G-S32 StreamBlock Path Compression

Product : DX,Spirent TestCenter,DX2