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Why do I need to install STC controlled release license when I upgrade LSonMX to 11.0GA.


When you upgrade 11.0GA on LSonMX (note new name for 2013 instead of LSonSTC), you need to install STC 4.15 firmware and 4.15 lsVM package via STC 4.15 GUI. if you don't install the STC Controlled Release license, you will see "License does not contain for feature STC_CR" in the Glue Server log.

In the 11.0 release of LSonMX, the lsVM package version is 4.15.1156, but the general 4.15GA STC firmware is v4.15.1396. they are mismatched. Please note that any non-GA STC version is regarded as Control Release, a Controlled Release license is required. So when you install lsVM package via STC 4.15 GUI,  you need to install a regular STC license and a Controlled Release STC license for it to work properly.





Product : LSonSTC