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How to configure TDII before running APEX SC and Data tests?


Before running APEX SC and Data tests, we need configure TDII according to UE setting, otherwise we will see authentication failures during call setup.

Take TDII v3.81 for example, below are details:

1. In mobile file, select Connection Infomation:

a) If UE supports UTS, uncheck "Disable UTS connection to device" and configure UTS COM port.

b) In Network Connection Infomation, select how UE connects with Client PC. See FAQ11614 if you don't know how UE connects with Client PC.

c) If you test eHRPD, in Data Call Setup mode, select how UE setup data call.

2. In mobile file, select RF Configuration, input UE channels.

3. In mobile file, select IP Settings, you need match these TDII settings with UE settings:

a) Open QPST on Client PC, read UE Mobile IP NAI/SPI and input these settings into TDII:


b) Open QPST on Client PC, read UE Simple IP NAI and input into TDII:


4. If you test eHRPD, in mobile file, select eHRPD Settings, input MNC/MCC/APN .etc infomation

5. In TDII session file, select Call Setup, choose Use Mobile Setting. Note: If UE supports UTS, you can select other options and UTS will write these options into UE.

6. In TDII session file, select Device Secret Data, you need match these TDII secret settings with UE settings:

a) eHRPD secrets by default are stored in UICC card, contact the card provider to get these secret values

b) If you are testing a LTE UE with a UICC card, Simple IP/Mobile IP secrets by default are stored in UICC card, contact the card provider to get these secret values.

c) If you are testing a CDMA UE, Simple IP/Mobile IP secrets should be stored in UE, below is the location of these values in QPST:

Note: secret values are not readable via QPST, so just input certain secret values into QPST and input the same into session file.