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Avalanche: Do the post test results provide information on why unsuccessful transactions occurred during a test?

  • Yes. Avalanche provides extensive post test results providing detailed information on failures.
  • Trial mode (Green arrow, blue checkmark) generates pcap files for review, located on the Results tab in the client and server subtest folders usually tests that fail in this mode have a configuration or other basic issue.
  • Client/Server summary.csv results.
    - 'TCP Statistics' will show SYNs sent to SYN/ACKs recieved along with additional information on timeouts and retries
    - 'User Profiles' '[Profile_Name]' Statistics tab provides per URI information, scroll to the right to find specific causes for a failed transaction such as an HTTP 404 code.
  • Client/Server realtime.csv - Provides details such as when failures started to occurre and information on living simusers, established TCP connections, attempted TCP connections/sec, et al during different points of your test.

If you need further information please review the GUI help documents or reach out to

Product : Avalanche