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iTest: What is the difference between Master testcase and Test suite ?


Spirent iTest


Master Test Case” concept existing before introducing of Test Suites – it is essentially the same concept.

 In “Master Testcase” we need to add different testcases manually by using run command, and it’s very difficult if we want to add more testcase in a Master Testcase.

 In-order to overcome above issue Test suites are introduced which offers some more power and flexibility over Master Test Cases, like filtering and dynamic search criteria to add testcases. And we need to execute Test suites using Job scheduler (.ffjd), it’s not possible to execute the test suite directly.

Test Report generation:

 If we have 5 testcases in Master Testcase, in total six reports will generate (five individual testcases reports and one summarize report all testcases)

 But in Test suite only 5 test reports will generate.


Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest