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ITEST: How to include the required config parameters in iTest Avalanche session


iTest basically reads, "array set config" block once the session is started, this array parameters are displyed when configure option is selected.

Unlike in lower version of Avalanche, from Avalanche 4.10 the number of parameters that can be modified via iTest is limited (Parameters under “array set Config”). Reason is that the generated config.tcl file from this version onwards, contains the limited parameters.

If we want to modify any parameter from “proc configTest” the only way to do it is by modifying the config.tcl file manually.

For reference please see the below example:

We can set the interface of the test by following command (Can see it in config.tcl):

set portSv

set portCli

set projectHandle [av::perform CreateProject system1 -name $Config(ProjectName) -version $Config(ProjectVersion)]

set testHandle [av::create test -under $projectHandle -name $Config(TestName) -testType $Config(TestType)]

set tests_handle [getOrCreateNode $testHandle configuration $Config(TestName)]


av::config $tests_handle -topology.interface(1).side
av::config $tests_handle -topology.interface(1).port $portSv


av::config $tests_handle -topology.interface(2).side
av::config $tests_handle -topology.interface(2).port $portCli

-          Number of interfaces should be equal number of interface in config.tcl file
-          Interface index (red number) increase from 1

array set Config {
                OutputDir    {D:/Project_0001-Test_0001}
                TclAPIRoot   {C:/Program Files/Spirent Communications/Spirent TestCenter 4.10/Layer 4-7 Application/TclAPI}
                IsPortable   0
                TrialIfNoLicense   0
                TestFile     {}
                Ports        {}
                IsCompact    0
                License         {}
                Trial           0
                Username        {}
                ReserveForce    0
                KeepTest        0
                ShowInteractive 0
                Profiles {}
               SetProfileForce 0
                byte 64

proc configTest {projectHandle testHandle} {
global Config
                av::config $transactionprofile_handle -bodyBytes "$Config(byte)"
                av::config $tests_handle -topology.interface(1).port "$Config(port1)"
                 av::config $tests_handle -topology.interface(2).port "$Config(port2)"

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