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How to avoid overlapping of step responses in iTest?


When we are automating test cases sometimes we will see overlapping of the step responses.

We see this kind of issues when a step is being executed and before that execution gets completed the next step starts its execution. So, a part/complete response of the first step will be seen in the second step response.

One of the way to overcome this issue is:

1. Increase the Idle channel interval (millisec) under Step Properties --> <Session> Properties --> Completion of that step. The default value of the Idle channel interval is 100. This value should be modified based on the expected time (approximately) for the step completion.
2. Make sure that the Completion criteria is "Prompt matches AND device has not sent data during the Idle channel interval".
3. And Line terminator should be any value other than "None".

Below are the screenshots for your reference.





Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest