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Umetrix Data: Time Zone Information


The time zone differences can make it tricky to correlate Umetrix Data logs with the corresponding PCAP logs collected on the media server (especially as computers will often present times in your local time zone instead of the time zone the information was collected in). The following rules should help you make sense of the data.

Look at the timestamp in the name of the Media Server PCAP log file as the easiest way to be sure of the local time of the log.

Time Zone Information

  • Umetrix Data Media Server Logs
    • Media Server PCAP logs are named with the following format
      • “Tshark_nnnnn_YYYYMMDDhhmmss.pcap”
      • “YYYYMMDDhhmmss” is the Date/Time the file was created in local media server time (i.e. the in the time zone where the media server is present).
      • YYYY = year, MM = month, DD = day
      • hh = hours, mm = minutes, ss = seconds
      • “nnnnn” is the sequence number of the log (since the last restart of the capture software).
  • Wireshark
    • Wireshark displays time stamps in UTC (i.e. what you see when you are examining the logs within Wireshark)
  • Umetrix Database
    • Stores all Date/Times internally in UTC
    • However, DatumBase presents all timestamps in the Time Zone selected by the user.
    • The default time zone is UTC
    • The user can view/change time zone settings in the web interface
      • Click “Edit Profile” (top right corner of screen)
      • NOTE: Check “Localize Exports” to enable Excel exports to be presented in the selected time zone



Product : Umetrix Data