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How to create a custom device in a Topology Map editor?


A custom device is a preconfigured device which can be added to the Topology map editor palette. A custom device can include:

         Device Image

         Session profiles

         Extra properties

         Cards, ports and other sub components

Steps to create custom device for the Topology Map editor:

1.      Create a new topology.

2.      Add a new device drawer (right click on the palette >Click on Customize> New>Drawer, Apply) as shown in screenshot.


3.      Add devices in Topology editor by dragging from Palette and edit them to contain the configurations you want (session profiles, card/ports, images, extra properties)

         Open this .tbml file in a text editor

         Copy the <resource...>.. </resource> corresponding to the first device (noting that devices can themselves contain 'resource' tags) as shown in screenshot



4.      Add a device to the topology drawer (right click on the new drawer, New>TBML Template. Rename it)

5.      Paste in the <resource...> stuff from above in the template field as shown in screenshot.



6.  We can see the newly created custom device in the Palette. We can also replace the default image of the custom device with new one.




Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest