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Positioning Application: How can I relate a real GNSS antenna pattern in units of dBi to the antenna pattern editor which uses units of dB?

  • SimGEN
  • You can directly apply the real antenna pattern units in dBi as long as you bear in mind that the PosApp antenna pattern is dB of ATTENUATION. This means that a positive value will reduce the received power, whereas the real antenna pattern is likely to state negative values of dBi to show power reduction.
  • In the PosApp antenna pattern values of 0dB applied to the complete matrix will simulate a perfect, isotropic antenna, i.e. equal gain in all directions. Values of dBi are power relative to this perfect isotropic case. Therefore, if the real antenna pattern states that there is a value on the pattern cell of, for example, -5dBi, the you would apply +5dB on the antenna pattern; because you are reducing the power by 5dB relative to a perfect isotropic case.

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