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iTest: What is a Reference Testbed in iTest?

  • iTest
  • Windows
  • Linux

  • Reference testbed is a testbed that used to store the common configuration settings for a similar group of devices. 
  • Defining a Reference Testbed:
    • To specify that a testbed is a reference testbed, you configure the testbed in the normal way and then specify one additional property setting.
    • On the General page, check the 'This is a reference testbed' check box.
    • From now on, the testbed will appear in the drop-down 'Inherit from' list on the Testbed editor’s devices page. In addition, the testbed will appear when you click browse to specify the testbed to inherit from.
    • For example, if the testcase is associated with Testbed B and referencing to Testbed A, then Testbed B inherits all of its property settings from Testbed A by using reference testbed.

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest