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Is it possible to create a .umt (user motion file) for PosApp (SimGEN / SimREPLAYplus) with a static period but not have to enter timestamped records for the entire static duration?


Yes this is possible and can be achieved very easily.

Creation of .umt files is described in the SimGEN user manual, DGP00686AAA (SimREPLAYplus users should refer to DGP01074AAA, though for a more comprehensive discussion please go to the SimGEN manual). That section of the manual includes a description of "INTERP" (Interpolated motion) commands that can be entered at the start of the .umt file. It goes on to provide exactly the demonstration requested here - using the INTERP command to avoid having to enter timestamped records for every instance throughout a static period.

  1. Choose the motion record that describes the vehicle position at the start of it's static period (in many cases the static period is right at the start of the vehicle motion, so select the motion timestamp = 0s).
  2. Copy/Paste this record 2 - 3 times and change the timestamps to be 1s - 2s - 3s into the run.
  3. Now perform the copy/paste again but change the timestamps so that they lead up to the motion record that ends the static period, e.g. you want 2 minutes of static motion so the timestamps will be 117s - 118s - 119s.
  4. The next record, timestamp = 120s is then the record that marks when the vehicle starts to move.
  5. Add the appropriate INTERP command to the top of the file, i.e. before the t=0s motion record.

Attached are three files that describe the same, very simple vehicle motion, with a 2 minute static period at the start. The static period is created using the above explanation. To use any of these files directly please change the extension from .txt to .umt first. The .txt extension has been used so that clicking the file to open it from the knowledge base makes it easier to view.


  • SimGEN users can perform this manipulation with all supported .umt file formats (MOT, MOTB, NMEA). SimREPLAYplus users can only manipulate NMEA formatted .umt (user motion) files.
  • If you do not add repeated records with consecutive timestamps which mark the start and end of the static period, the vehicle is likely to move unexpectedly; because of the INTERP command
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User motion file in MOT format

Attachment Description
User motion file in MOTB format

Attachment Description
User motion file in NMEA format

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