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Abacus: Is it possible to run a PESQ test by looping back two analog lines on ECG or A100?


User has a analog card (ECG).  He would like to see if he can run some PESQ tests using loop back so that he can use them as bench mark for later measurement.


The answer is no. A100 / ECG is emulating an analog phone, which MUST be connected to some external device with line feeding and other functions. Typically an analog phone is connected to a telephone exchange, where the line is terminated to a SLIC. This SLIC, among other functions, provides a bridge for voice transmission.  The analog lines at A100 / ECG (or a manual handset) does not have that. The scenario is similar to connecting two manual phones directly, and trying to talk to each other. This scenario will not work.

Product : Abacus,Analog,6.20,6.11 and below