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I get an "Exception in SendCommand: The port is closed." error message when I test multiple AT command string in the UE file. How do I make it work?



[Solution 1]
Because the first AT command will reset UE, so after executing the first reset AT command, the AT service on laptop must be restarted.
Try adding one semicolon between two consecutive AT commands. That semicolon will restart the AT service on the laptop.
For example {{AT+CFUN=1,1},60};{ }
[Important] this solution works with Win XP laptop, but will have some issue with Win7 laptop(I have explained it in my previous email).
[Solution 2]
In LTE DT module, there are two placeholders for AT command, and they will be called sequentially. [Reset] first, then [AttachToInternetPDN].
So users can move the second AT command to [AttachToInternetPDN] as the first AT command in that placeholder.

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