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STCLive T&D Juniper spoke testing: Why do I see the following error when bringing up the 2nd access in a Juniper IPAG cluster? "User (ADMIN) is already using interface/instance/gateway (VPWS:2275)"


STCLive T&D 5.910 and later

Active access on a Juniper Hub/Spoke



As of STCLive T&D version 5.910, STCLive T&D only allows one Active test on a particular instance per Juniper hub-spoke cluster.   Using the error message as the example.....if the 1st access is brought up on spoke1 instance "VPWS:2275" of a Juniper hub/spoke cluster and the 2nd active access attempt  is on spoke2 instance "VPWS:2275" of that same Juniper hub/spoke cluster, the 2nd access will be denied.   The blockage here is not the 2nd active access on the same cluster,  but the 2nd access using the instance name of "VPWS:2275" on the same hub of the cluster.

A 2nd access using a different instance or different Hub will be allowed.


Product : VW Controller T&D Classic,STCLive