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Why customer get the same SAPEE performance over Avalanche 3100B 1 port and 10G port?


Avalanche 3100B v4.20, customer think can get more bandwidth on 10G port other than 1G port.

1G port ---------D UT(Content Firewall)----------1G port
10G port--------D UT(Content Firewall)----------10G port


Solution is extend 1 server IP to 3 server IP, and add the IP range in client SAPEE playlist.

Avalanche 3100B 4x10G con fig has 12 cores inside. 1 core for each port with 1G mode, and 3 cores for each 10G port. To drive 10G port run under max performance, we need set more than 3 IP addresses on the 10G port to enable 3 cores.

Product : Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche