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How to get maximum performance on multi-cores port such as CM module and 10G port in Avalanche?


We observed in the real time result that during testing, we find Simusers are suspending for server resource limitation, the version is 3.50 or later.


The reason is mistake configuration. Customer set only 1 IP address on server side so that he get 1/3 performance of the CM port.

When we reserve a port in Avalanche, the number of cores can be seen in the reserve window, to get the best performance of the test port, the number of IP addresses should larger than the number of cores. For example, there are 3 cores on each CM module port, so we need set 3 IP address at least to make all of the cores working. And it suggests to set 3 or 6 or 9 ... IP addresses on the port to keep they are working with the same stress.

For example, if we set on server port and client access, we can get only 1/3 performance of the server port; instead if we set on server port and client access than we can get full performance of the server port.

For more, we need always set the IP addresses on the server port equal to the number of the cores or be times, if the server ports has multi-cores inside..

Product : Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche