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GNSS Positioning Simulator: Can I use DACS0 to turn off a channel on an STR47xx?

  • STR4730 / 4750 / 4760 / 4780 / 4790
  • To turn off channels during a calibration use command = CAL0 (see FAQ13846).
  • DACS is a command used during the power calibration procedure (see DCS0002C section 3.5).
  • It is not recommeded for customer use at any other time.
  • DACS0 does not turn a channel off. It just sets the signal level to 'off'
    • The channel is still running
    • You will see this on the simulator LCD screen
  • Never send the DACS0 command after you’ve finished setting the wanted target power or after you’ve run the DACT utility.
  • This will invalidate the power calibration
    • DACS0 will program the simulator channel to always have an 'off' signal level

Product : Calibration,STR4790,STR4780,STR4760,STR4750,STR4730