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Creating the iTest Adapter for RQM

  1. Create a Folder in "C" drive as "RQM".
  2. Create another Folder inside the above created folder as "fanfare-RQM".
  3. Copy the content of "fanfare-update-site" directory from server / after unzipping the directory (features, plugins and site.xml) to the above created folder.
  4. Export the “itar” from iTest in the system in-order to create the iTest adapter . First create the “itar” folder in “C” drive and export the required iTest projects to itar from iTest .
  5. Export the “itar” path to the Environment Variables “My Computer --> Properties --> Advanced --> Environment variables“. Add a new Environmental Variable In system variables as “ITAR_PATH” and specify the folder path there .

Creating the adapter:

  • Start the RQM Server.
  • Go to the “iTestRT” location, i.e C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\iTest 4.2\iTestRT” from command prompt and execute the following command.
  • itestrt.bat --licenseServer <iTest License Server> --rqm.adapter --rqm.adapter.repository <RQM Server IP or Host address> --rqm.adapter.user <Username> --rqm.adapter.password <Password> --rqm.adapter.projectArea <Project Name> --rqm.adapter.instanceID <Adapter name> --rqm.adapter.pollInterval 5 --rqm.adapter.retryCount 3
  • It will create the adapter.
  • Now check the adapter is created or not .
  • Go to the RQM server in the browser, select the Adapter Console from the drop down list "Execution --> Browse --> Adapter console” and it will display the adapter which we created.

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest