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Positioning Application: Why does the Power Levels Graph dropdown selection for frequency not change the Power Adjustment display reference level value?

  • PosApp (SimGEN)
  • Scenario that includes two or more carrier frequencies for the same constellation type
  • The Power Levels Graph displays a dropdown list selection when there are two or more selected signal types with a different centre frequency
  • Changing the dropdown selection updates the Power Levels Graph display for the chosen signal type
    • The power bars represent the selected signal type(s)
  • When the different signal types are from the SAME constellation the power reference level also changes if appropriate
    • For example, GPS L1 and GPS L2, will show -130 for L1 and -136 for L2
  • When the different signal types are from DIFFERENT constellations the power reference level simply states "Ref"
    • Click on one of the power bars to see the true power reference level
  • The Power Adjustment display, which provides power sliders for manual, interactive power level control, always shows just one power reference level
  • What it shows is completely independent of the dropdown selection on the Power Levels Graph
  • It will always show the 'Primary' signal type reference level for any constellation
    • When choosing the Antenna signal types the 'primary' signal is the left most selection that has been made for each constellation type
    • For example, if you choose GPS L1+L2, the GPS L1 reference is displayed. But if you choose GPS L2+L5 the GPS L2 reference is displayed

  • More information about these controls is available in the SimGEN user manual, DGP00686AAA

Product : SimGEN,PosApp,Carrier Frequency