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Landslide: HSGW Nodal - What is the difference between Intra and Inter-HSGW Mobility test cases?

  • High Rate Packet Data Serving Gateway (HSGW) Nodal
    • Intra-HSGW Mobility
  • HSGW Nodal
    • Inter-HSGW Mobility without context transfer
  1. HSGW Nodal - Intra-HSGW Mobility only the Radio Access Network to Packet Data Serving Node (RP) layer is involved in the Handover.
  2. HSGW Nodal - Inter-HSGW Mobility without context transfer both the RP and Point to Point Protocol (PPP) layers are involved in the Handover.

Product : Landslide,LTE,Landslide Client,Landslide,A10/A11