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Spirent TestCenter: Why should I set IPv6 next hop and IPv6 link local next hop addresses while sending IPv6 routes for BGP with 'IPv4 only' encapsulation?

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  • BGP with 'IPv4 only'


It is working as per RFC.
from the RFC4659 ( BGP Speaker Requesting IPv4 Transport

When the IPv6 VPN traffic is to be transported to the BGP speaker using IPv4 tunneling (e.g., IPv4 MPLS LSPs, IPsec-protected IPv4 tunnels), the BGP speaker SHALL advertise to its peer a Next Hop.

Network Address field containing a VPN-IPv6 address:

- whose 8-octet RD is set to zero, and

- whose 16-octet IPv6 address is encoded as an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address [V6ADDR] containing the IPv4 address of the advertising BGP speaker. This IPv4 address must be routable by the other BGP Speaker.


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