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Avalanche: Why do we get ERROR: "(protocol_exception) AblLimitedException:Cannot start ABL server. Maximum of attempts to start ABL is reached." when we use the new Avalanche API on Linux?

  • Avalanche
  • New API (post 4.10)
  • Linux
  • Because the available memory is not enough to start a new session. It means that if you could increase your host’s memory, you’ll be able to achieve more concurrent sessions, but of course, until you reach the new limit again.
  • Keep in mind that memory usage also depends on the type of the test/s you are running.
  • You can verify if this is a memory issue or not by checking and recording the available memory after starting every session/test.
  • This can also be seen if there is no sufficient previleges for the /home/Spirent/ directory or for the "data" directory under installation location

Product : Avalanche,Automation,Avalanche