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iTest: How to restore database dump into iTest Lab Optimizer (iLO)


Spirent iTest

Spirent iTest lab Optimizer


Instead of importing inventory/topology we can dump the database into our iLO server.

Here are steps to restore the database dump into iLO server.

1. Open winscp and connect to iTest Team Essentials (ITE) server.

2. Go to directory “/root”.

3. Download the “data.sql” dump file.

   Note: Use this ekb/index link for steps to download iTest Lab Optimizer(iLO) database from iTest Team Essentials(ITE) server.

4. Copy “ data.sql” file to “/root” folder of the ITE server.

5. Now type the command “psql --host=<ite_hostname> --dbname=<ilo_db_name> --username=<ilo_db_user> --file=data.sql”.

6. Observer that data base dump will be imported successfully.

7. Login to ILO and you can see all the inventory and topology are successfully imported.

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest