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Landslide: How do I upgrade the TAS software only with a .upg or .jar file?



  1. Start the TAS Manager and login as cgfuer.
    • WARNING: Before you start the upgrade, check the System Status to see if there are tests running or other users logged into the system. If there are, use the System Shutdown option (See FAQ14364) to stop the TAS prior to upgrading.
  2. Select System > Upgrade from the menu, and the Upgrade Intro window opens.
  3. Read the steps listed in the upgrade window and click Yes to begin the upgrade or No to cancel.
  4. After the TAS has stopped, you can perform a backup. See Backing Up the System for instructions, or click Skip if you made a backup before starting the upgrade.
  5. When the backup is complete, or if it was skipped, the Upgrade TAS Files window opens and lists the upgrade files (.upg and .jar) available on the TAS.
    • TIP: You can remove old upgrade files by right-clicking the file and selecting Delete.
  6. To upload a new upgrade file, click Browse to open the Load Local TAS Upgrade File window. Browse to the file's location, select the file, and click Load to begin the upload.
    • By default, the browse window restricts the display to .upg files (system releases). Use the Files of Type drop-down list to select .jar files if you are installing a TAS release. The upload may take several minutes depending on your communication speed with the TAS.
  7. Select the upgrade file from the available files list, and click Upgrade. Progress messages are displayed in the console as the contents of the upgrade are installed.
  8. After the upgrade file has been installed, the TAS Manager Console is restarted in order that the remaining portion of the upgrade is executed with the latest software. All messages displayed in the console up to that point will be appended to the TAS Manager log, but you have an opportunity to review these messages and copy any important messages to the clipboard before the console is restarted. If the TAS recorded any errors during the upgrade, you are informed of them when you are prompted to review the log. Click Yes to open the log and copy messages by selecting the text and pressing Ctrl-c. Click OK to close the log and continue.
  9. When the new TAS Manager software is downloaded, the security warning may be displayed. Click Start to accept the new software. The new TAS Manager is installed and started, and you are automatically logged in.
    • TROUBLESHOOT: If the upgrade requires a new license, the TAS will not start and you will see "Failed to start TAS: Not licensed for TAS version <version> TAS startup failed" in the console.
  10. With a standard multi-server system, the process completes by starting the TAS. When you see "TAS is running" in the console, the upgrade is complete.
  11. Log out of and close the TAS Manager Console, and all browser windows. If the upgrade included a new TAS release, the new application will be downloaded to your machine when you start the Landslide Client.


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