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Abacus: How do I get the error messages using tcl API?


Users are using Tcl automation to run tests in Abacus.  They would like to know how to extract the error information from the system.


When users encounter an error during a test, this error will be reported in the event window.  With Tcl automation, the following two API can be used to get the error events:-

 1.  ::aba::ApiResults::GetEventsCount

2.  ::aba::ApiResults::GetEvent [number]

 The first API will let users know how many events are there output by the system.  The second API will allow users to get the content of the error (in text form).    There is a detailed descriptions of the two API in the Tcl user manual.

Product : Abacus,Automation,6.20,6.11 and below