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iTest: How to get iTest License Server running on Linux-RHEL 64bit?

  • iTest4.2 & higher versions
  • FLEXnet version 11.10
  • As the license server for Linux is a 32-bit executable we need to install the 32-bit libraries on the Linux-RHEL 64-bit machine. Below are the steps to install 32-bit libraries.
yum update
yum install redhat-lsb.i686
yum install redhat-lsb-graphics.i686
yum install redhat-lsb-printing.i686
yum install glibc.i686
yum install gtk2.i686
yum install PackageKit-gtk-module.i686
yum install libcanberra-gtk2.i686
yum install gtk2-engines.i686

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