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Spirent TestCenter: Can we configure SNMP agent on Spirent TestCenter chassis for monitoring?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Chassis
  • SNMP
  • SNMP trap
  • N11U
  • N12U
  • N4U
  • Spirent Appliances
  • Can not configure SNMP agent in chassis. Not supported.
  • Starting in 5.13, Spirent TestCenter IQ includes an SNMP collector, but this is intended to just receive SNMP traps from DUT to present and show them in TCIQ tables and graphs, however, generating own STC SNMP traps is not possible.
    • In case this feature is required you can submit an Idea (Enhancement request), refer to the following KB: FAQ18012 - What is 'Spirent Ideas' and how do I use it to file and track product feature/enhancement requests?

Product : Chassis,Spirent TestCenter,Spirent TestCenter,SNMP