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iTest: What are the environment variables need to be set in order to work with IxOS in iTest?

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  • For windows, we have to set the below two environment variables: 
    • Path to Tcl interpreter:
      Example:  "C:\Program Files\Ixia\IxOS\IxOS_5.60_EA_SP1" 
    • Path to Tcl library:
      Example: "C:/program files/ixia/IxOS/IxOS_5.60_EA_SP1" "C:/Program Files/Ixia/IxOS/IxOS_5.60_EA_SP1/TclScripts/lib"
  • For Linux, we have to set the below environment variables:
    • Set the TCLLIBPATH environment variable.
    • Set additional path variables
      • Add the following paths to TCLLIBPATH
      • Set the following paths:
        export IXIA_HOME=<path depends on your installation>
        export IXIA_VERSION=<versionNumber, for example, 5.10>
        export IXIA_LOGS_DIR=/tmp
        export IXIA_RESULTS_DIR=/tmp
        export IXIA_SAMPLES=$IXIA_HOME/samples
        export IXIA_TCL_DIR=$IXIA_HOME/lib

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