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Avalanche: Could we run RTSP test with out a filename?


Version 4.x, 3.x


We can run RTSP test without file name in action list, as long as a vender type is specified in following format.

1 RTSP://  <VENDOR "Microsoft">Vender type

supported Vendor types: "Microsoft" l "Apple" l "QuickTime" (currently, handled the same as "Apple") l "Real" l "SeaChange" l "BitBand" l "ChinaTelecom" (supports only the MPEG2-TS over RTP transport mode), If you do not specify the vender then the test cannot start and the event log will show the

following error:  "Please enter either a valid vendor name (such as Microsoft, Real, QuickTime, SeaChange or Bitband in double-quotes) or a URL that ends with a recognized extension (such as .mov, .mpg, .rm, .rmvb, .asf or .wmv etc.). “

Product : Avalanche