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Spirent Studio Security: How to run a test where based on some criteria the Mu system SSH to the DUT and collects additional information from the DUT?


Platform  Mu-4000 / Mu-80x0

Studio Security Version: 6.5.x


Remote trigger executes commands on a remote system based on engine log events. For each event, you configure a command that the Mu system runs when the selected event occurs. You can configure the command to run on the Target itself, or on another network host configured in the Mu global test bed. The command is synchronous, meaning it executes at the same time as a specific event, and must be a terminating command (returns to the command line prompt after completion). You can set a Timeout value to control the number of milliseconds (ms) that Mu system waits for the command prompt after sending the Event command. Please refer the Help menu for additional information.

Product : Studio Security