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Landslide: What is maximum amount of fragments per IPv4 or IPv6 packet what Landslide can send in UL and DL direction?


 Customer would like to know the maximum number of fragments Landslide can perform.

  • The IP packet length field is a 16bit length so the max IP size is 65535. The minimum MTU size configurable in landslide is 123Bytes. So the max number of fragments would be 682 in each direction.
  • This of course should be consistent with the L4 configured protocol and with the tunnel GTP (if UDP is used as Data L4 traffic the max will be 65507= 65535 – 28byte(UDP +GTP +UDP header).
  • The segmentation is performed as soon as possible and the reordering time is going to depend of course of the ttl of customer network and the possible retransmission present in the network.

Product : Landslide,Landslide