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Positioning Application, GSS9000: What is the 'Hardware channels' feature used for?

  • PosApp
    • v5.03 SR01 or later
  • GSS9000
    • Containing more than one channel bank and more than one constellation
  • 'Hardware channels' is a new feature added in PosApp v5.03 SR01 which allows the exact operating mode to be selected from a list if there is more than one compatible combination present
    • The feature is only active if there is more than one possible operating mode for the selected 'Signal Types'
    • In the example below, the system has 2 channel banks
      • Bank 1 has 16 channels
      • Bank 2 has 8 channels
      • The licence contains GPS and GLONASS
    • Note that there are 2 operating modes containing both GPS and GLONASS
      • 1 operating mode with 16 GPS channels and 8 GLONASS channels
      • 1 operating mode with 8 GPS channels and 16 GLONASS channels


  • In this case, when GPS and GLONASS are added in the 'Antenna Signal Types' menu, there are 2 possible outputs
  • Double click on the 'Hardware channels' option in the scenario tree:

  • Select the correct channel allocation from the new window, in this case either 16 GPS and 8 GLN or 8 GPS and 16 GLN:

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