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Positioning Application, GSS9000: How can I specify which RF Output port is used for a GNSS signal type?

  • PosApp VM
  • GSS9000 with dual RF output
  • Dedicating a signal type to a chosen RF Output port
  • Go to tools --> Edit GSS9000 operating modes
  • Select the serial number of the system from the drop down menu
  • Select 'Add new'
  • Using the drop down menu's specify which signal will be present at output 1 and output 2
  • looking at the example below we can:
    • See the signal types available (highlighted in Red)
    • Specify which signal type is simulated at RF output 1 (highlighted in Blue)
    • Specify which signal type is simulated at RF output 2 (Highlighted in Yellow)


Product : SimGEN,PosApp,GSS9000