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Tech X Flex NG: How do I Setup LAN In Line Video ON Demand scoring for the Tech X Flex?

  • Tech X Flex NG
  • All Versions

Manual and  Technicial Video steps included

From the Tech X Flex

  • Connect Side A of Flex towards Splitter or BHR and Connect Side B to the STB
  • Go to MOCA/RF Menu and select MOCA
  • Then Select Join MoCA Network In Line
  • Select "LAN" as Frequency and hit start
  • You WIll get a Message " Make sure A side is connected towards BHR and B side towards the STB".
  • Select OK
  • Now Select VOD Scoring
  • Select Start
  • ON Page 1 make sure the STB IP address is correct Go to STB Menu
  •  To get LAN IP go to system settings, system Info and press info to get LAN IP Address
  • Insert correct LAN IP address
  • Go to STB and launch HD Movie
  • Once Movie starts go to the flex and hit start (Do not start the flex before Movie is started)
  • Flex bar graph with VOD scores VMos, AMos and A/VMos should appear with scoring.


Product : Tech-X NG