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Avalanche: I have a C100MP with 8x10G and 8x1G interfaces. Why doesn't the Avalanche Commander support all 16 ports at the same time?

  • Avalanche Commander 
  • all versions
  • The system does not support 8x10G and 8x1G at the same time due to the allocation of cores per port.   
  • There are 16 cores in the C100MP system.  With a minimum of 2 cores allocated to each 10G interface and 1 core allocated to each 1G interface, the available profiles are: 
    • L4L7 Functional 4x10G
    • L4L7 Functional 8x10G
    • L4L7 Functional 4x10G-8x1G 

Product : Avalanche,Avalanche NEXT