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Positioning Application: How does PosApp allocate channels in a Land Mobile Multipath scenario?

  • PosApp
  • Land Mobile Multipath scenario
  • GNSS simulator
  • Received signals are allocated to the available hardware channels in the following order; see screenshot below to assist explanation:

1. Line Of Sight (LOS) signals in the order of lowest elevation first; in the example below, SVID 29 is allocated to Channel 1, SVID 2 to Channel 2, SVID 10 to Channel 3 etc

2. Once all the LOS signals are allocated, the Multipath (MP) signals with an Index of 1 are assigned, starting with the lowest elevation first; SVID 13 to Channel 4, 25 to 5, 4 to 6 etc

3. Once all MP Index 1 signals are allocated, MP signals with Index 2 are assigned and so on; SVID 13 to Channel 9, 25 to 10, 4 to 11 etc

4. MP Index 3 SVID’s would appear next if they were produced by the example scenario, also in lowest elevation first order

5. PosApp will repeat the process on all other multi path signals until there are no more available hardware channels left



Product : Positioning,PosApp