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Spirent TestCenter: Why does a an emulate PIM router configured to send REGISTER messages for a multicast group block of 10 groups only send a REGISTER message for the first group?

  •  Spirent TestCenter
    • v4.56
    • PIM
      • Devices --> PIM tab --> Edit Group/Maps... --> IPv4 Register Groups
      • Configured to send REGISTER messages to the multicast group block with groups: -
  • The "PIM Multicast Group To Source Distribution" was set to "Pair"
         (see attached pcap, register messages - pair distribution.pcap)
  • Setting it to "Backbone" removes the "limitation" to send to only the first group (from the first and only one PIM router)
         (see attached pcap, register messages - backbone distribution.pcap)
Attachment Description
REGISTER messages from pair distribution

Attachment Description
REGISTER messages from backbone distribution

Product : Spirent TestCenter,PIM,Multicast