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SimGEN: How can I make my NMEA umt motion file loop once the motion has ended?

  •  SimGEN
  • Your file consists of lines of NMEA $GPGGA messages
    • the second field in the message is the time stamp that this message is valid for.
  • Using a spreadsheet application (or similar) import your data in and use a comma as the field separator.
  • Copy your all but the first two columns of data and paste below the original data keeping the first two columns empty.
    • Use auto fill on the first column so all empty cells are now $GPGGA.
    • Use auto fill on the second column and make sure you time stamp has incremented correctly.
  • This process can be repeated as often as needed so that your data loops for as long as you need your scenario to run.
  • Save as a CSV file and rename to *.umt .
  • This method only works if the coordinates in the last line in the motion is very close to the first line of motion. Example if the motion is for circular motion, and the circle or race track lap is complete. If this is not the case then pasting the motion together will result in inconsistant motion which will result in warning messages that positional errors have been exceeded.

Product : SimGEN,PosApp