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VR5: How to set C/N ratio for LTE 1 RB test?

This is how to set offset when you are using different receiver bandwidth other than the GUI setting:
For example, GUI set like below:
AWGN bandwidth = 1.5625MHz
Receiver bandwidth = 0.100MHz
C/N =-10dB

If you are going to use 15KHz bandwidth, the offset will be caculate according to below formula:

New C/N = -10dB (Original C/N)-10xlog(Current Recevier bandwidth/New Receiver bandwidth)=-10dB -10xlog(100kHz/15kHz) = -10-8.2=-18.2dB

Set this new C/N = -18.2dB on the VR5 GUI, this will be the new C/N settings for new receiver bandwidth.

Product : VR5