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TTworkbench: Is there a workaround for the zero padding of an integer value for ASN.1 files?

TTworkbench 32/64 Bit Windows/Linux
Extra license needed:  ASN.1 Plugin
ASN.1 follows generally TLV encoding.

Integer encoding speciality
Under OSS codec, the integer encoding following the ASN.1 strict rules.
According to the BER encoding standard section 8.3.2, the zero padding of integer value is not allowed.

Standard link:

Snip from the standard below:

8.3 Encoding of an integer value 
8.3.1 The encoding of an integer value shall be primitive. The contents octets
shall consist of one or more octets. 

8.3.2 If the contents octets of an integer value encoding consist of more than
one octet, then the bits of the first octet 
and bit 8 of the second octet: 
a) shall not all be ones; and 
b) shall not all be zero. 

NOTE – These rules ensure that an integer value is always encoded in the smallest possible number of octets.
Taken from OSS asn1_runtime_error.pdf:
Message format:
D0022E: Integer or enumerated value needlessly long
Message cause:
The decoder was passed an encoding violating one more clause(s) of X.690, which
mandates that
values of type INTEGER be encoded in the fewest number of bytes possible.
Possible solution(s):
Ensure that the encoding rules that are in use actually correspond to the way
the input data was
encoded. You can use the ossGetEncodingRules() and ossSetEncodingRules()
functions for this purpose3.
To work around such invalid encodings try using the ossSetFlags() or
ossSetDecodingFlags() function and specify the OSS_RELAXED flag. This may cause
the decoder to silently accept such invalid encodings.

Change in ASN.1 codec plugin

added flag for relaxed decoding set VM arguments

   * If set the decoding is relaxed we enabled OSS_RELAXED flag to the decoder.
   * The OSS_RELAXED flag also can disable the error checks for:
   * a) INTEGER encodings which contain unnecessary zero octets
   * b) REAL values with the mantissa or exponent encoded in a longer format
than they should be.
   * c) an encoded object identifier with a zero length.

Product : TTplugins