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TTworkbench: Can I pass component and port as parameter a function for mapping in TTCN-3?

// pre-definition  
type component MtcType {
        port myPort mtcPort;
type component SystemType {
        port myPort systemPort;
You can define the following structure, which is however unsecure.
function f_config(SystemType.systemPort p_sysPort) runs on MtcType {
        map (mtc:mtcport, system:p_sysPort);    

Since ES 201 873-1 v4.6.1, you can specify also MTC and TSI type for mapping behaviour function, like
// recommended
function myFunction() runs on MtcType mtc MtcType system SystemType {
map (mtc:mtcPort,  system: systemPort);

Product : TTCN-3 Language